Recycling Tips

Did you enjoy our first article? That’s great! We’ve been hearing great things about it – today I want to address recycling. This is definitely something all of you should be familiar with anyway. Knowing how to recycle correctly is crucial because we know plenty of people that do it wrongly. If you are placing waste and recycling items in the wrong bins, this will cause contamination. Keep this crucial concept in mind – it’s important.

recycling_iStock_000019128774XSmall (2)

First of all, you should not be placing your recycling in plastic bags. Loose recyclables might not always be the most convenient to do so, but you have to try regardless. You should always be paying attention to any bin stickers or signs that tell you what you can and cannot do around these bins – make sure you obey them properly because it’s important to listen to specific instructions!

Next up – you should always make sure that recyclable items are not contaminated with food stuff, liquids or any sorts of hazardous materials. This is key here – food stuff should always go to the landfill bin without exceptions because you cannot recycle it! Duh.

You should be folding your cardboard boxes all the time to fit them into your bins – or cut them up into smaller pieces simply because it is much more convenient for the rest of society to deal with your mess as well. Make sure you are clear with what can and cannot be recycled too – for a full list you should check out this comprehensive website!