Welcome to SustainabilityIsOn.org! We are a bunch of climate change worriers – we care about the environment very much. This has pretty much led to the creation of our little blog over here. We want to share some tips that everybody can start implementing immediately to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Now, I’m sure you already know the dangers of global warming so I’ll do my best not to get into that at all. Here’s a quick video on CNN for some perspective.

Now, let’s look at some pretty quick and easy energy saving tips for your home. Ceiling insulation is a big one – it is by far the most effective barrier against the summer heat and also the winter cold. Contact your local roofer to get this in place because a properly insulated household will be able to defend against the extreme weather conditions quite easily. Next, you should be looking to turn your home into a ‘seal’ by closing all the gaps between external walls and floors. Air that gets outside easily is terrible at trapping or retaining temperature – it is the same principle as keeping your thermos closed otherwise it doesn’t really do anything. Closing your windows is incredibly important too – most people think you need to keep the windows open but the reality is it doesn’t help very much.

Next tip? Dress for the weather indoors. Putting on an extra layer at home is much more energy efficient than turning on the heater. You should be able to decrease running costs by quite a fair bit, and this is always a welcome thing.

Do you know what the most expensive appliance in your home actually is? Have a guess – it is actually your fridge. You need to make sure that your door seal is always tight, free from gaps and in perfect working condition all the time.

Next, you should only be heating or cooling the rooms that you are using. This is pretty much a no brainer, but it still needs to be said. Some people still think leaving the lights on is okay – not if you want to save money. You should also be looking at energy efficient appliances and the like – things like energy efficient globes are always a good alternative and can save you a lot of money as well in the long run.

The last tip for you is to not use a dryer – especially if you have your own garden and space to hang up your clothes. By doing so you can save an easy $200 a year. Also, you should consider investing in standby controllers and the like to save money and electricity. Having these appliances around will allow this unit to cut off the power whenever it isn’t in use for a long time. If you want to look up a long list of accredited installers feel free to go to check out some of the interesting tech out there– I think you’ll enjoy yourself with what’s being offered.

Keeping the environment in one piece is everybody’s responsibility. You should be doing your part!